Life is full of peaks and valleys…

Sometimes, you need a safe place to find answers.

Who Do You Turn To for Advice?

Sifting out the answers to life's questions can be challenging. How to manage elderly parents? How to buy a car without being squeezed? How to negotiate a divorce settlement? How to find an honest, hard-working lawyer? Ditto a doctor or dentist? You may be in a place in life where you don't have anyone to turn to for advice on questions like these. That's why this website was created--to give you a place to ask questions and get answers, advice, and guidance. You are always the judge of whether the information you receive resonates as trustworthy. And because your questions are anonymous, you don't compromise your safety or security.

How does it work?

Every two weeks, you can join a live webinar. For an hour, you and others like you can ask questions and get answers to questions about life. You can even search the archives for questions and answers in past sessions.

What does it cost?

Most of the webinars are free. Every now and then, a webinar will go into depth on an important life question. There will be a small cost ($20.00)  defray the cost of the service. You can choose to pay and join, or not, as you please. We hope that the information will be valuable enough that you will not want to miss any webinar.

Who is answering the questions?

Doug NollThe webinars are hosted by award-winning author, teacher, peacemaker, and counselor, Doug Noll. Doug has many years of life experience in law, business, life, relationships, and leadership. He works in places as varied as maximum security prisons and international NGOs.


  • Free Webinars

    Free webinars every other Monday 7-8 pm Pacific. Join live and ask Doug your questions and listen to the questions of other viewers.

  • Premium Webinars

    Every 6 weeks, Doug will go deeper into a single issue. These webinars cost $20.00. Mondays 7-8 pm Pacific.

  • Archives

    Miss a webinar? Here are the archives, both free and premium.

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  • Doug is the wisest man I know. Of course, he is my husband, too. I turn to him for advice and wisdom when I face problems even I do not have answers to.

    Aleya Dao Sound Healer
  • Doug has a common sense, practical approach to life's problems that have helped me many times over the years. His advice is practical and immediately useful.

    Devra Jacobs Literary Agent
  • Doug gave me amazing advice. He validated me, helped me trust myself, and he guided me to my own inner wisdom. His approach is deeply empowering.

    Maria Constantino Production Design Consultant

Online Courses

  • Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less

    Learn how to de-escalate any angry person in 90 seconds or less. In a little more than 2 1/2 hours, Doug teaches you ground-breaking listening skills he has developed in prisons and schools.

    You will transform your life with these skills.

    Only $49.99 for the course.

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    Douglas E. Noll, JD, MA provides advice and wisdom by answering your questions about life, money, and relationships in the free Advice & Wisdom webinars.

    Sometimes, you need to speak to a real person. Doug is available on a limited basis to talk things over with you, starting at $150 per 20 minutes.

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