Feeding Your Passion

Advice & Wisdom feeds your passion for financial freedom and healthy relationships. Wealth and relationship go hand in hand. You might be very wealthy. Without a great relationship, you will be lonely and unfulfilled. You could have a wonderful relationship. Without financial independence, you both will be stressed over how to make ends meet. Advice & Wisdom is about helping you have it all.

You no longer want to be a slave to a paycheck, boss, job, and dead-end career. The pandemic has shown you that working remotely is doable and easy. You are thinking, “Why can’t I do this on my own?” And that’s why you are here…to learn how to be financially independent with your online business.

In addition to your financial independence, you want to be free of dead end relationships, unhealthy partners, and partners who are not passionate about their own freedom and growth. You are reinventing yourself and you want a committed partner who is like you.

Advice & Wisdom is here to help with transformational ideas for 21st century relationships.

Your Perfect Morning

woman 2289453 640You are earning money while you sleep with a business that is open 24/7/365 and operates everywhere in the world…and only one employee. You.

You’ve earned the freedom to be independent of economic and pandemic turmoil. You are engaged in what you do, serving others in meaningful ways.

And as you wake up knowing that you’ve made money all night long, your true love brings you coffee (or your tea) to you. You both sit on the deck and watch the sun come up. You talk about your passions, goals, and projects for the day. You share ideas and brainstorm with each other.

You see yourself in the mirror as attractive, sexy, and alluring. The strength within you radiates outward, No inner voice selling you on the negativity of your past or upbringing. No self-doubt. You are confident, smart, and successful by any definition.

Why Advice & Wisdom

Advice & Wisdom is contrarian. You know you have to do the work. You just need some nudging and guidance to avoid mistakes. The foundation to Advice & Wisdom is life experience and success.

Advice & Wisdom aka Doug Noll has seen success in many professional and business enterprises over a long career. Most importantly, he has built an incredible relationship to an amazing and highly successful woman Aleya Dao.

Advice & Wisdom shares this knowledge with you because you are motivated and willing to work hard for what you want. You have earned the right to learn from those who have successfully walked before you.

Nothing of value is quick or easy. There is no easy money and there is no easy path to a fantastic relationship. Advice & Wisdom will show you the way and support your journey. Then you must apply yourself.

My Story

I was born crippled, nearly blind, and partially deaf. I was born left-handed in a right-handed world. My childhood and youth was difficult. Painful. I hurt a lot inside and out.

But I learned. I graduated from an Ivy League college. I earned my law degree and was a successful trial lawyer for 22 years. Then I earned my master’s degree and became a peacemaker.

Along the way, I studied neuroscience. I learned that how humans act and behave are dictated by many biological and physiological factors. I learned about relationships by working as a mediator in broken personal and business relationships.

I developed powerful tools that have been effective in quelling prison riots and assisting senior analysts at the Congressional Budget Office de-escalate members of Congress. These same tools have transformed relationships and allowed my clients and students to blossom in wonderful, unexpected ways.

In 2008, the Great Recession wiped out my professional practice. It wiped out a lot of other professionals too. If there is no economic activity, there are no deal to be or broken, no accidents, and no clients for lawyers. Eventually, their backlog of cases dries up, and they stop earning money.

I had to reinvent myself, again. That’s when I got into Internet marketing. I created my first course, an advanced legal negotiation training, and I promoted it online. I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing.

What I learned is that good Internet marketing does not involve sales. It involves finding an audience with a problem and offering solutions to that problem. If you offer the right solution at the right time to the right person, you don’t have to sell anything. So the trick is learning how to do all those things to be successful. That is what you will learn here at Advice & Wisdom.

The same rule applies to relationships. You have to be whole within yourself to attract a committed, loving partner. Relationship is about developing yourself first. When that happens, your relationship blossoms. Building a loving, committed, durable relationship requires discipline and patience. Each day is another part of a 50 year conversation.

Where to Start

Start with the blogs. They are divided into two primary categories: Dating and Relationships and Internet Marketing. The blogs refer you to resources, courses, books, and products that work so you don’t have to do the research. You choose what resonates with you.how to make him chase you

Look at the training and courses. Some, like the Internet Marketing Course, are free. Others require an investment of your time and money. You cannot grow if you are not constantly learning. Invest in yourself.

Next Steps

Sign up on the email lists that interest you. Bookmark the home page. Reach out to us with questions, comments, and thoughts. And watch out for the Zoom community calls where we will talk about your challenges and successes.

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