​Elite Traffic Pro Review Summary


​Thorough training course in making money sending emails.


​This training is delivered by video lessons. You work through the training in less than 8 hours.


​Great value for the price of $997. Lots of resources and bonuses on top of the training videos.

Overall rating :  5/ 5

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​Make Money Sending Emails

In this article, I review how to make money sending emails using Igor Kheifets' Elite Traffic Pro training.

Kheifets approaches online marketing from the perspective of email list-building. His philosophy is that ad-to-sale marketing is a one shot deal. Building an email list, on the other hand, means that you can present offer after offer to your list subscribers. That gives you multiple opportunities to generate revenue.

 ​What is Email Marketing?

make money sending emails

Kheifets teaches you four basic ways to build a list that will make money sending emails. First, there is PPC or pay-per-click. In the PPC process, you pay for advertising on Facebook, Google, or native ad networks. Your ad catches the attention of a visitor who clicks on the ad. The visitor goes to an opt-in page. Usually, the opt-in page offers something in exchange for the visitor's email address. Here's an example of one of my many opt-in pages:

make moeny sending emails

​The secret to making money sending emails is to qualify your subscribers. Kheifets teaches you how to target your ads to those people most likely interested in learning how to do email marketing. The next qualification step is at the opt-in stage. As you can see from the opt-in form, the promise ("How to get UNLIMITED Traffic...) will be attractive to internet marketers who are having problems driving traffic to their offers. This is the second layer of qualification. Kheifets teaches you how to continue with this qualification process so that you build a self-liquidating list.​ This is one of the secrets of how to make money sending emails,​​​

What Is a Self-Liquidating List?

A self-liquidating list is a list that pays for itself. Cool idea, huh?  As you build your list, you offer your subscribers tools and training that will appeal to them. You should know what appeals to them because you have invested time and effort researching your audience. As subscribers are added to your list, a certain percentage will purchaser your offer. The revenue from the offer should eventually offset your ad cost so that building your list costs you nothing.

There's a lot to making this work, and Kheifets walks you through the process step by step.

Generating Organic Subscribers to Make Money Sending Emails

The second way to build a list is organically. Kheifets is not a huge fan of organic list-building because it takes a long time. However, organic list-building should be a part of your over-all strategy. I will cover organic list building in my free internet marketing training. Click on the link in the header of this review to put yourself on the email list that I will announce the training.

What did I just do? I offered free training for you in exchange for you giving me your email address. And, I did this in the context of a website review. This is an example of organic list-building. Slow, yes, but it costs me nothing but my time and effort to write this review and promote it.

Using CPA Networks to Make Money Sending Emails

Kheifets is a huge fan of CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) networks to build a list. This strategy is powerful. You control how much you are willing to pay for an actual lead. Your ads are placed on various sites registered with a CPA network. When a visitor to a site clicks on the ad and gives you his email address, you pay. You only pay for actual leads. The downside to CPA networks is that there is a lot of fraud. Igor walks you through all the tools you need to make sure that you are getting good emails, not junk.

Using Solo Ads to Build Your List

The last way to build a self-liquidating list is using solo ads. There are a couple of ways to do this, and Kheifets teaches them all. The solo ad works by you purchasing X number of clicks from a person with a large, relevant email list. The solo ad vendor will send out an email to the list promoting your link, usually your opt-in page. The vendor guarantees the number of clicks you purchase.  Kheifets is a large solo ad vendor himself, so he knows the business. In his course, he teaches you the ins and outs of using solo ads to build your list and make money sending emails.

Email Service Providers and Autoresponders

Another element of how to make money sending emails is subscribing to and using an email service provider. There are dozens of services available. The service Kheifets prefers (as do I) is Get Response (sign up here for free). Kheifets shows you how to set up an autoresponder and an email sequence to present offers to your subscribers. He provides you with email swipes too. An email swipe is an email someone else wrote that you can use in your email campaign.

Can You Make Money Sending Emails

Short answer: Yes. However, like all other aspects of internet marketing, to make money sending emails requires some working capital, work, time, and patience. If you have all of that, making money sending emails with Kheifets' Elite Traffic Pro makes a lot of sense


I've created a YouTube video that talks about the numbers. Watch the video and pay attention to what it takes to create a profitable, self-liquidating list.​


  • ​Elite Traffic Pro is thorough. Everything you need to know about email marketing is included.
  • ​Lots of DIY bonuses, including email swipes and opt-in examples.
  • ​Many free bonuses to make your on-ramp to email marketing easy.
  • ​Great coaching with Igor calls every week


  • ​You Need Money To Make Money ​Sending Emails You have to spend money to make money sending emails. You don't have to spend much money in the grand scheme of things. However, you will need the $997 tuition cost and about $500 a month in free money for advertising and some essential services. If you are dirt-poor or don't want to take on credit card debt, you will not be able to make money sending emails with Kheifets' Elite Traffic Pro
  • You Have To Work To Make Money ​Sending Emails To make money ​sending emails requires patience and discipline. You have to spend at least 2 hours a day learning the business. Consistency pays off. If you want a get-rich-quick scheme, this will not work for you. Plan on a lot of hard work. If you don't like learning new skills, this is not for you. If you want someone to do all the work for you, this is not for you. If you cannot stay focused on task, this is not for you.
  • There Is a Certain Degree of Luck Involved Here You will read about people enrolling in Elite Traffic Pro and making $10,000 in their first month. It happens, but not very often. The reason: pure luck. It took me a long time to figure this one out. Some people manage by pure chance to acquire a few great leads that were ready to buy. These people typically have a hard time replicating their early results because they didn't go through the long learning curve.


Dean Holland's Internet Profit Partners

​Dean Holland's Internet Profit Partners is a much simpler, and more expensive, program ($1997). Essentially, Dean's program teaches you how to create and drive traffic to his training courses. It's ​easier than pure ​email marketing. And Dean's program is effective.

Anthony Morrison is another successful internet marketer turned trainer. His programs vary in cost from very low end to more expensive offerings. To become an affiliate costs $997 because of the training involved. However, if you are just interested in starting with Anthony's many courses, start here. The entry level cost is less than $30 per month.

​John Crestani's Super Affiliate System

​John Crestani's Super Affiliate System is the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training course that I have found. This is for you if you are interested earning commissions selling other people's products. The course price is $997. Watch how I walk you through the opt-in, then a pre-sell page, then to John's webinar.  Click Here To Check It Out.

​Fred Lam's Facebook Lead Generation Pro

Fred Lam has developed a unique process for developing email leads through Facebook. Using his techniques, I created a list of 3,000 at a net cost of $.15 per lead (revenues-ad cost) in 30 days. This really works well. The cost is $497, which is a steal. Go Here To Check It Out

Neville Medhora's Kopywriting Kourse

Neville's thing is copywriting. He has developed the Kopywriting Kourse, which is a comprehensive training on copywriting. Contrary to what people will tell you, copywriting is an essential skill for making money online. Neville makes it fun and easy to become an expert copywriter. His program is a monthly fee of $99 cancellable at any time. Check Him Out Here.

​Ron Douglas' Expert Classroom

Ron is one of my mentors and has been a successful internet marketer since he left Lehman Brothers as a chartered financial analyst in the early 2000s. His program, Expert Classroom, has some innovative techniques for generating leads. What makes his program especially useful is the access you get to a group of private webinars, each of which pays commission on sales from your subscribers. Cost of the course is $997. Go Here To Learn More.

Antonio Thornton's Timebank GPS

Antonio is another super-successful internet marketer and works closely with Ron. His course, Timebank GPS, will give you the tools to organize your life and develop the discipline needed to make money online. Cost of the course is $997. Watch the free master class here.

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Igor Kheifets' Elite Traffic Pro is a definite Thumbs Up, if you are serious about making money sending emails and want comprehensive training to get you started, this is for you.

I want you to walk through the steps your customers will walk through so you can see how it is done. To get started, go to my opt-in page here and begin your journey to financial freedommaking money sending emails. Once you put in your name and email (and you may unsubscribe at any time), you will be directed to a free webinar with ​Igor. Click on the button to be taken to his free master class.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I only promote products or services that I believe in. That being said, it should be assumed that ​I have an affiliate relationship with the vendors ​on this page and that ​I will receive a commission when you purchase through ​my affiliate link. As with any business decision, you should perform due diligence before making any investment.