​Anthony Morrison Ambassador Program - Summary


​Over a dozen high quality training programs and software for affiliate marketers to promote.


​Exceptional tracking and linking tools for each product.


​The Ambassador Program costs $997. This includes free training and access to a few of the courses. It also includes all of the tracking and linking tools.

Overall rating :  4 .7/ 5

​Anthony Morrison's Ambassador program is a strong affiliate program that gives you access to all of Morrison's courses and software to promote.

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​Who Is Anthony Morrison?

Since launching his first business in 2005 when he was just twenty-one, Anthony Morrison  has become a legend in Internet marketing. ​Entirely self-taught, Morrison devised a one-man business operation while ​a full-time college student. ​His financial success saved his family’s fortunes. ​With what he learned, Morrison ​devised a systematic approach to entrepreneurial success. Based on this model, he ​built another eleven companies, all of which have been highly profitable.

​Anthony grew up in a family that encouraged intellectual curiosity, empathy for others and healthy self-esteem. Always independent and assertive, Anthony gave his parents a glimpse of his potential when, at the age of seven, he decided he wanted a Jacuzzi. Told by his mother that he would have to work to earn it, Anthony sold candy bars door-to-door until he had earned the money for the Jacuzzi. One year later, at age eight, he set his sights on buying his father a motorcycle and did just that, enlisting his siblings in the effort.

The Problem:

​Where can ​an affiliate marketer go to find Internet marketing training courses on a wide variety of topics for a wide variety of budgets to promote?

The Solution:

​Morrison Publishing has a large inventory of high quality training courses and Internet marketing software. Morrison Ambassador members are the only affiliates that can promote this library. For affiliate marketers wondering where to find Internet courses to promote to their lists, Morrison Publishing is a great resource.

​Pros and Cons


  • Extensive library of courses and software to promote.  
  • ​Sophisticated tracking, linking and reporting system.
  • ​Excellent affiliate training.
  • ​High quality.
  • ​Perfect for affiliates with big lists.
  • ​Excellent support.


  • ​Costs $997 to become a Morrison affiliate.
  • ​To make money as a Morrison affiliate, you have know what you are doing. ​I would not recommend this for beginners.
  • ​Need a good list or strong blog traffic to make any money.


​Anthony Morrison's Ambassador Program is excellent for established affiliate marketers than can afford the entry price. For newer affiliate marketers, I recommend waiting until you have a list of 5,000 subscribers before taking this on.

What Alternatives Exist To ​Anthony Morrison's Ambassador ​Program

Dean Holland's Internet Profit Partners

Dean Holland's Internet Profit Partners is a much simpler, and more expensive, program ($1997). Essentially, Dean's program teaches you how to create and drive traffic to his training courses. It's a lot simpler and easier than pure affiliate marketing. And Dean's program is effective. Click Here To Check It Out. You can also check out my review of Dean's program here.

Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison is another successful internet marketer turned trainer. His programs vary in cost from very low end to more expensive offerings. To become an affiliate costs $997 because of the training involved. However, if you are just interested in starting with Anthony's many courses, start here. The entry level cost is less than $30 per month.

John Crestani's Super Affiliate System

John Crestani is a strange guy and a brilliant teacher. He has made millions in Internet marketing. His course, Super Affiliate System, is a soup-to-nuts course in affiliate marketing. It is incredibly detailed and thorough. John provides weekly support webinars. His goal is to be the pre-eminent internet marketing trainer around.  The cost of his training is $997 and is worth every penny.  To get started, go here.

Igor Kheifets Elite Traffic Pro

Igor is the go-to guy for learning about email marketing. If you want to become a pro at email marketing, his courses are superb. The course price is $997. Click Here To Check It Out

Fred Lam

Fred Lam has developed a unique process for developing email leads through Facebook. Using his techniques, I created a list of 3,000 at a net cost of $.15 per lead (revenues-ad cost) in 30 days. This really works well. The cost is $497, which is a steal. Go Here To Check It Out

Neville Medhora

Neville's thing is copywriting. He has developed the Kopywriting Kourse, which is a comprehensive training on copywriting. Contrary to what people will tell you, copywriting is an essential skill for making money online. Neville makes it fun and easy to become an expert copywriter. His program is a monthly fee of $99 cancellable at any time. Check Him Out Here.

Ron Douglas

Ron is one of my mentors and has been a successful internet marketer since he left Lehman Brothers as a chartered financial analyst in the early 2000s. His program, Expert Classroom, has some innovative techniques for generating leads. What makes his program especially useful is the access you get to a group of private webinars, each of which pays commission on sales from your subscribers. Cost of the course is $997. Go Here To Learn More.

Antonio Thornton

Antonio is another super-successful internet marketer and works closely with Ron. His course, Timebank GPS, will give you the tools to organize your life and develop the discipline needed to make money online. Cost of the course is $997. Watch the free master class here.

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

​Anthony Morrison's Ambassador Program is a definite Thumbs Up, if you are a serious ​affiliate marketer.

​To become a Morrison affiliate costs $997 because of the training involved. However, if you are just interested in starting with Anthony's many courses, start here. The entry level cost is less than $30 per month.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I only promote products or services that I believe in. That being said, it should be assumed that we have an affiliate relationship with the vendor of said product or service and that we will receive a commission when you purchase through our affiliate link. As with any business decision, you should perform due diligence before making an investment.

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