Data-Driven Decision Making

Introduction to Internet Marketing

Module 1

This module sets your expectations for your new online business. I bluntly explain exactly what you need to succeed financially. Finally, I'll guide you through your business planning process. I suggest that you come back here after you have completed Modules 2 through 6 to revise your plan.

Module Structure

Getting Ready 3 Lessons



This Training Is For

Professionals Seeking

  • Alternative Revenue Streams
  • Not Dependent on
    • Clients
    • Billable Hours
    • Collection of AR
    • Arguments with Partners Over Compensation

We will cover all aspects of Internet Marketing

On some topics, I will recommend that you purchase a more comprehensive course.

I will also recommend a variety of tools and services.

Some are free, some are free trials, some cost money.

I use them all.

So who am I?  My name is Doug Noll.

Professionally, I hold two graduate degrees. JD and MA

I am a lawyer, and I no longer practice law. I am a professional mediator and arbitrator.

The Great Recession of 2008 crushed my professional practice…

Forcing me to reinvent myself and

Create an alternative revenue stream not dependent on engagements, clients, or billable hours.

I discovered Internet Marketing.

My first product was my online course, Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Professional

This was an advanced, online legal negotiation training for lawyers.

Over the years, I expanded my foray into Internet Marketing..

Promoting my third and fourth books

De-Escalate became an Amazon best-seller

I created more courses…

And started doing marketing webinars to promote them.

Then learned about affiliate marketing.

I’ve been trained by some very successful and talented mentors.

And I’m going to share everything I’ve learned with you.

Let’s Get Started

Setting Realistic Expectations

How Long Will You Take To Make Decent Money?

Follow My Training…

And Expect to Start Making Some Money In 6-12 Months

No Guarantees

Internet Marketing Takes Time Just Like Any Other Business

You Must Master Many Skills And Strategies

You Will Fail….Often

You Will Feel Like Giving Up…

Don’t Give Up!

You Must Cultivate Patience and Persistence

You Must Watch This Training Over and Over Until You Understand The Concepts

You Must Experiment Over and Over

You Must Make Data-Driven Decisions

Which Means That You Must Collect Good Data and Analyze It

I’ll Show You How To Do All Of This

But You Have To Do The Work

Personally, I Find This Work To Be Fun.

It’s A Huge Puzzle To Be Solved

And The Pay Off Can Be Huge

Approach This Like The Business It Is

Try To Put In An Hour A Day

Break Down Tasks Into Tiny Chunks

Watch Out For Overwhelm

If You Feel Overwhelmed…Just Focus On The Next 15 Minute Task

I Will Answer Your Questions via Email

I Will Also Consult With You via Zoom (but I have to charge for that).

Ok, that the basic stuff.

Let’s Move On To Your Business Plan

Go On To The Next Lesson

Your Habits of Success

Your Habits of Success

Habit #1


You will be learning how to accomplish many tasks.

Some will be daily.

Some will be weekly.

Some will be monthly.

You will be able to control when you perform most tasks.

The first couple of times, the tasks will be fun and interesting.

They will get boring fast.

You will want to do anything else.


Stay on task.

Stay consistent.

Doing your tasks every day or every week without fail…

Is a major factor in your success.

Habit #2

Manage yourself wisely.

In this lesson, I have included a link to a webinar from one of my mentors..

Antonio Thornton

He has a program called Time Bank GPS.  Click Here to Watch His Webinar

Follow his advice and instructions.

Habit #3

Don’t talk about your business.

You need all the positive energy you can muster.

Internet marketing requires hard work

Your friends and acquaintences will

Be skeptical


Make fun of you for trying to start a new business…

If you talk about it.

Keep your business your own business.

Habit #4

Cultivate patience.

This will take some time to develop.

You will not see instant results.

You have to trust in the process.

Even when things don’t look so great.

This will be clearer in the next chapter.

Habit #5

Keep learning.

You will get the basics here.

There is a lot more to learn and master.

I’ll make my recommendations as we go along.

Your 5 Habits of Success


Manage yourself wisely

Don’t talk about your business

Be patient

Keep learning

See you in the next lesson..

Basic Tools


Every business need tools.

Internet marketing is no different.

Here’s what you need (and probably already have)

A solid, modern, fast desktop computer

With two monitors if you can afford them

You can use a laptop…

But they are too small to be efficient.

And you will want two screens to work with.

Mac or Windows?

I’m  a PC guy.

IOS will work however.

You need the highest Internet speed you can afford.

You should be cabled with an Ethernet cable into your router.

Wifi is for fun stuff, not serious business.

If that’s all you have, it will work.

You will just be slower.

Here’s the essential software list

Microsoft Word

Not Google Docs

Word has some features that will make your life a lot easier.

Power Point

You’ll use Power Point to

Create images

Build YouTube videos


Notepad comes with Windows.

It’s a simple text editor and very handy.

Microsoft Excel

OK, you can use Google Sheets instead.

An image editing software

Photoshop, if you have it and know the basics

GIMP is pretty much just like Photoshop and it’s FREE.

Screen shot software like the Microsoft Snipping Tool

A dedicated workspace

Working in bed will not work

You need a desk and chair in a space that you only use for your business

Not for fun or games.  Work.

Ideally, you should have a backdrop.

You will become a video producer and will need your background clean and professional

Your Tools

  • Desktop with two monitors
  • Laptop, only if that is all you have
  • High speed Internet—cabled, not WiFi
  • Microsoft Word (Google Docs won’t work)
  • Power Point
  • Excel or Google Sheets
  • Notepad
  • An image editor
  • Screenshot software (Windows comes with it)
  • A dedicated workspace

Let’s move on to the next lesson.

Create Your Business Plan 3 Lessons

Putting TogetherYour Business Plan

Putting Together Your Business Plan

In this chapter, we are going to put together a business plan..

That will include a pro forma revenue and expense statement,

And a planning tool to keep you organized.

What we cover here will not always make a lot of sense right now.

When you are done with course, come back here and watch these lessons again.

Right now, let’s look at your Internet business from 50,000 feet.

We can get into the weeds later.

Good. On to the next lesson

Your Business Plan Pro Forma

Your Pro Forma Business Plan

How Much Will You Have to Spend Before You Breakeven?

Download the Excel spreadsheet here

This is a business model

The numbers are made up by me

However, I think they approximate reality enough for planning purposes

As you work through the course, revisit this spreadsheet and start adding in your real numbers

Let’s walk through it slowly.



The way to be consistent is to have a daily and monthly plan

This is a simple process that you repeat on at least a weekly basis.

First, you need a blank calendar

Download this Excel file I’ve made for you.