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Free ​ Internet Marketing Training

free internet marketing training

​I offer​ free ​internet marketing training on all subjects related to internet marketing and making money online. These courses are for the following people:

  • Beginners in internet marketing who need a place to start without risk
  • Professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, and physicians, who are entrepreneurial
  • Anyone wanting financial freedom derived from online revenue streams
  • People who are patient, willing to work hard, and not afraid of learning and experimenting with new ideas.

Why Free?

I've spent $10,000s of dollars on internet marketing training. Some of it was fabulous. Most of it was junk. What I have realized is that, for me, the only honest way to make money in ​internet marketing training is to provide it free. In each training course, I will suggest/recommend tools, services, and relevant paid training to you. You can choose what to purchase within your budget. If you purchase a recommended training or service, I will receive a commission. That's how I am paid. The risk is completely on me until you decide to purchase a recommended service.

In addition, I will open up a weekly seminar session for those wanting individual coaching in a group setting. Each week, I will give feedback, advanced training, support, and accountability. 

The seminars will cost $120 a month by PayPal subscription. The seminars will be limited to 20 participants. There will be a waiting list after the seminar fills. This seminar is completely optional, and, once you subscribe, you may unsubscribe at any time. Of course, if the seminar is over-subscribed you will lose your seat and have to wait for the next seat to open.

How Will ​the Free ​Internet Marketing Training Work?

​Each training module will follow the same format:

  • Introduction
  • What Is Needed (services, tools, additional training)
  • Explanation
  • Referrals
  • Demonstration
  • Analytics (how long, how much investment, reasonable expectations for revenues)
  • Conclusion

The training lessons will be delivered by video lectures and demonstrations. Each lesson will have a written step-by-step section for those that prefer to read. You may proceed at your own pace. My recommendation is to watch a module all the way through, then go back slowly through each lesson and follow along with me in a separate window.

What Will Topics Be Included In the Training?

Initially, the topics will be:

  • Introduction to Internet Marketing
  • Introduction to Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Email and Autoresponder Basics
  • Introduction to Copy Writing
  • Split-Testing and Experimentation
  • Introduction to Content Management Systems
  • Introduction to Funnels
  • Basics of Lead Generation
  • Setting Up a Website to Make Money Online
  • WordPress Basics
  • ​Introduction to ClickFunnels

Other training modules will be added over time. I will not be duplicating the detailed training offered in paid courses that I endorse and recommend. My training will provide an overview and introduction to ​ internet marketing concepts. You will pursue advanced training with others as you see a need. Where I see gaps in trainings, I will offer more advanced non-duplicative lessons. If you are interested in free internet marketing training, fill out the form below.