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    Welcome to Advice & Wisdom

    This project came about as a result of conversations with my wife, Aleya Dao. In her private practice, she was meeting clients with many life questions. These clients needed a trusted advisor they could turn to for information and guidance on the problems of life. She thought I might be that perfect advisor. I really did not want another private practice, but I was willing to create a webinar series. That is how Advice & Wisdom was created.

    My purpose is to answer questions about life, money, relationships, work, whatever. My experience is that many people have the same questions. Using the leverage of the Internet made a lot of sense. I wanted the webinars to be free, because information generally should be free. To pay for the enterprise, I decided to poll my audience every month or so and find a topic that I could dive into deeply. For $20, people could register for that webinar and go a little deeper with me. In the meantime, I will produce these free webinars and hope that I can help people solve problems.

    The first webinar is Monday, February 16, 2015 at 7 pm Pacific. To register, CLICK HERE.

    We shall see if this works. Stay tuned.