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    I just posted the first archive of Advice & Wisdom. The webinar was live on February 16, 2015. I talked about my personal journey from lawyer to peacemaker. Over 100 people registered for the webinar. The following questions were posed and answered by me:

    • How does someone who has never done peace work before start to become a beacon of peace?
    • I have been asked to teach an hour class at a trade convention.  I know something about the topic but I am not a big talker and have no idea how to do this.  Also, speaking in front of people makes me very nervous.  Any advice?
    • Do you know if there is anyone doing the peace work with the gangs in Fresno?
    • Do you find that you have to teach vulnerability in the prison program or does it come naturally from people once they feel they are deeply heard and/or are in a safe place?  (since you talked about your own discovery about power coming from vulnerability- can you talk more about how that has translated into your work?)

    I think this will be a useful place for people to learn and grow. Your attendance and support will be the judge of that however.

    Registration for the next Advice & Wisdom webinar is now open.

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